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Brief intervention training

Healthy Lifestyles offer brief intervention online training. The program aims to reduce the prevalence of chronic disease and related harm by providing clinicians with the skills to conduct brief interventions with patients as part of routine care. Ideally this will result in reducing the length of patient hospital stays, and increasing levels of professional satisfaction and rapport with patients through improved patient health outcomes.

What does the training include?

Structured models incorporating knowledge and skill-based content relating to:

  • healthy eating and physical activity
  • alcohol, tobacco and other drugs
  • the 5A’s brief intervention model
  • case studies, tips, demonstrations, resources and useful links
  • modules on applying learning to practice.

Courses available

There are three free brief intervention courses available. Completion of the course generates a certificate of attainment on completion. Participants can apply for continuing professional development (CPD) points. The three courses are:


Healthy Lifestyle:
General population (BI-G)

Structured for health professionals who work predominantly with non-maternity patients.

Currently unavailable. Check back in July 2021.

Healthy Lifestyle:
Maternity and Child Health (BI-M)

Structured for midwives, child health nurses and other clinicians who work with pregnant and breastfeeding patients.

Currently unavailable. Check back in July 2021.

B.strong in Pregnancy and Early Life – eLearning module

Structured for frontline health and community workers to deliver pregnancy and early life smoking cessation, nutrition and physical activity interventions to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients.

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Get in touch

For feedback or other questions about the courses please email the Preventive Health Branch,

Have you heard of APSAD?

The Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other drugs is the Asia Pacific’s leading multidisciplinary organisation for professionals involved in the alcohol and other drugs field, including tobacco. APSAD is dedicated to increasing the profile of the issues related to the use of alcohol and other drugs, through the dissemination of information from the wide range of professions involved in this field. In addition, APSAD strives to promote improved standards in clinical practice and in research into this and allied subjects. It also provides a network of drug and alcohol professionals in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific. Information on a range of accredited training courses for health professionals is available from APSAD.

The Queensland Government does not endorse specific training courses.

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